Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Hosting Option for Website Spokesmodels

Over 95% of our customers are able to install website video actors on their website without any issues.  Model2web spokesmodel videos require no special programming, and if you're able to load files to the server of your website, our videos will work on your site without any extra steps.

However, a small number of our customers use limited and basic hosting services such as Intuit and Weebly for their website design and hosting needs.  These site building tools are intended to be easy to use, but they don't give web authors the flexibility to upload all the files necessary to put our transparent talking flash videos on their websites.

We're proud to announce a new hosting option, just $7.95 per month, designed just for customers who have websites or blogs that don't allow custom code or video.  With our hosting option, there's literally no website that our videos won't work on!

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